Equipment Visitor Question & Answer

Upon me renting a piece of equipment from a supplier, is there any other financial obligation to pay Price Right Rentals in the event that I continuing buisness with that supplier?

No , Price Right functions only as an advertisement service. There are no other financial obligations for the user. It is one of our soul purposes to merge the costomer with the supplier. This transition will encourage our users to continue using our site to search for more great rental deals in the future.

Is there any cost for the user to use the site?

No , for the user unlimited use is is free.

Equipment Supplier Question & Answer

In the event the website visiter inquires by taping on for the contact info then calls us for more info on the equipment rental.Are we obligated to have to pay the $25.00 click fee if the visiter decides not to make the rental purchase after the phone call.

Pice Right Rental is only an Equipment advertisement service that refers interested rental customers to the supplier.Therefore it is the equipment suppliers responsibility to make the rental sale happen since the process is already charged regardless of the outcome.

What if a high voluminous amount of clicks transpire and something’s no doesn’t appear right?

If there are inquirers that don’t seem right you can call our costomer service number to investigate transactions. All customers are required to register there name , phone number and email for us to inquire and monitor if necessary.If wrongful click inquiries need to be credited if we determine fraudaunt usage.